Every individual has a potential we want to understand and enhance

Professional development

Through the input obtained from Signature’s performance management, specific training plans are designed for each individual, backed up by a mentor figure.


Performance Management

360º evaluation models.

Positive Feedback Psychology.

“Always on”, recurrent and quality feedback.



We run away from rigid models. Each consultant configures his own training plan according to his needs and main interests.

We are committed to a culture of continuous learning through recurrent feedback and by fostering a collaborative environment between colleagues.

Mentor: A coach figure who stimulates intellectual concerns and backs up the training plan of his mentees, listening to their needs and concerns as well as following their evaluation.



We offer our consultants the possibility of crossing borders and living experiences abroad, to work hand to hand with our clients and understand their daily lives from the inside.



Rigor-Flexibility Balance

At Signature, people come first. We balance the rigor of sustained high performance with flexibility to ensure that everyone on the team can have a long and successful career with us.

We work every day to make our talent management practices stand out and make Signature the best place to work at.



As you grow in the organization, your role evolves assuming different responsibilities and developing different skills.



Starting your career, your role is to…

Perform the necessary analysis in each project, showing willingness to assume responsibility and a creative thinking.

Be collaborative, proactive, easy-going and highly flexible; adapting to the client's needs.

Understand the context and the point of view of the different stakeholders.



Consolidating advanced consultancy skills, your role is to…

Lead an end-to-end project stream, consolidating all the consultancy skills needed to do so.

Be a fundamental pillar of the team while acting as a leader and providing support to the team analysts.

Be the customer’s reference in everything concerning your project stream and build good relations with the client’s middle management.

Develop differential sectorial or functional know-how.



As a great leader, your role is to…

Be the team’s role model and lead by example. Assist the team members in their professional development by promoting team spirit and cohesion, always through the lens of empathy.

Manage the delivery of projects ensuring excellence and exceeding client expectations.

Become your clients’ trusted advisor by providing new ideas and solutions that will help them attain their goals.

Be an expert in different sectors and functional areas, contributing to the development of Signature’s know-how.

Be a part of Signature’s management team by taking on corporate responsibilities.


Directors & Partners

While running and growing the firm’s business, your role is to…

Lead far-reaching and complex projects, ensuring excellence and exceeding client expectations.

Secure business development by building solid and trustful client relationships.

Be a renowned expert in a sector or functional area.

Participate in Signature’s management and decision-making processes.

Be a reference point and conceptual leader for the team.

Join us


Usual entry-level categories are:


Recent graduates or with less than 4 years of experience.


MBA graduates with more than 4 years of experience.


Application process stream

  1. Apply (Attachment of CV and Motivation letter).

  2. Quantitative test in our offices.

  3. Up to three interview rounds composed by: personal fit, business case and Q&A.

If you want to be part of the Signature family, please contact us, we'll be happy to chat! The process is open all year, we don't want to let talent escape.





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