How did Signature get started...?


We established the company in 2017, and named it Signature to reflect our vision: tailor-made projects, specific to each client; carried out with the utmost commitment:

  • In the music industry, Signature Series instruments are built to the specifications of the artists who bear their name. A "Signature" is an instrument tailored to each client.
  • According to the dictionary, Signature means: “The name of a person written with his or her own hand, in a distinctive way, so as to authenticate a document or identify oneself as its writer." "Signature" also means maximum commitment.

In September 2017, we launched our first projects as Signature. The projects were a success. We will not forget the support of customers who believed in us right from the start. We owe it to them.



Gaining altitude

When we founded the company, we set two key qualitative milestones:
"When these two things happen, it will mean we are on the right track."


That a potential client we do not know calls us, referenced by another, to ask us for a proposal.


That a person interested in working at Signature proactively sends us their CV.

Both things happened in 2018, which was indeed a great year, with strong growth.


During 2019 and 2020, we consolidated our team and the achievements so far, and focused on developing corporate capabilities necessary to continue growing organically, while maintaining the same levels of excellence with a greater number of projects.


Always looking ahead



After the initial scare, we emerged strengthened from the COVID-19 crisis, and between 2021 and 2023 we achieved four key milestones:


We managed to grow the company steadily: we doubled the team, strengthened our Madrid office, and opened an office in Lisbon.


We consolidated our clients and core businesses, and diversified: both in terms of customers, new strategic sectors (Health, Consumer Goods,...), and geographies (projects carried out in more than 20 countries).


We launched our sustainability practice, with a dedicated expert team


We started a venture builder, to work on different projects with our clients, such as digital projects in which we participated as partners, providing investment, knowledge and team


Keep rising to the challenge of growing and generating opportunities in tandem with the growth of the people in our team so as not to lose our essence as a strategic boutique, nor compromise on our values in everything we do.

... To be continued ...

One team,
many talents

Our average team age.
(Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Venezuelan, Brazilian, Mexican, Ecuadorian).
The core team has been working together for 10+ years

Business, Engineering,
Law, Journalism, etc...

Through our team’s eyes

Signature offers the perfect environment to boost both your professional and personal growth
Sebastian Radtke

Sebastian is experienced in strategic planning and agile organizational models

Enjoys discovering new sports to play outdoors
I work daily with people of the highest level, who are committed to the social and economic challenges of our time, and have the required talent to face them
Javier Vidal-Quadras
Senior Manager

Javi has an exceptionally relevant experience in organizational models and strategic planning

Enjoys backpacking in good company
We are living a very interesting moment of transformation in most industries and we have an entrepreneurial mindset to experiment and design innovative solutions with our clients
Ignacio Álvarez

Nacho is an expert in Digital Business and in the development of innovative models

Enjoys the snow and winter getaways
I am lucky to learn and grow daily with an amazing team and promote positive and sustainable transformations with our customers
Charles Albanel

Charles has exceptionally pertinent experience in agile organizational models and Go To Market strategies

Enjoys cracking a cold one after a run through Collserola or a cross-country ski session
Passion, dedication, learning, and the desire to push established boundaries. This is the formula that helps our clients and ourselves reach new levels of success in every project.
Alicia Samprón

Alicia is experienced in Sustainability projects

Enjoys discovering new cultures, countries, traditions and peoples that enrich her creativity and outlook
At Signature, I discovered an exceptional work environment where kindness and talent merge. Every day, I am lucky enough to work on impactful projects and grow with an excellent team.
Bruno Bolla

Bruno is experienced in start-up development and Data Science

Enjoys traveling and discovering the world when he finds the time to do so
I love the possibility of being part of the creation of a new consulting concept, working hand in hand with our clients on unique projects
Fátima García
Senior Manager

Fatima has exceptionally relevant experience in corporate models of talent and culture, and digital transformation

Enjoys discovering new places as soon as she has a few days off
At Signature, we delve into demanding projects with an optimistic and contagious attitude, enabling us to generate a positive impact on the client and people
Claudia Cordón

Claudia is experienced in data analysis and process optimization

Enjoys traveling and savouring the cuisine of each destination
Signature is not only a project but also a lifestyle. We work, learn, have fun and, above all else, we care about people
Marc Cortés

Marc has a cemented experience in Innovative Business Models in banking, healthcare and FMCG

Enjoys marathons and trail racing