Support in the adoption process of an Agile operating model for a leading medical device manufacturer in Mexico
"By fully integrating ourselves into the client's teams, we achieved the adoption of a new Agile organizational model focused on empowering the teams, which contributed even more to a pre-existing high level of motivation and enthusiasm"
The In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) market in Mexico grew at a record pace in 2020-21, driven by the demand for COVID-19 testing. Our client, the Mexican subsidiary of a leading medical device manufacturer, was growing faster than market peers, and had outstandingly positive prospects.
Wanting to take advantage of this positive market dynamic and aware that this growth could be ephemeral, our client made the decision to reinvent itself and radically change its Agile-based operating model in order to provide differential added value to its customers.
During our collaboration, we designed and implemented 3 successive 3-month support cycles adapted to the needs of the teams to implement and facilitate the adoption of an agile organizational model. We structured the guidance cycles around 4 large work streams:
  • Squad guidance through the creation and development of a Scrum Masters community to ensure the sustainability of the Squads' model and autonomy

  • Direction and empowerment to promote the adoption of the model, ensure strategic orientation and accompany self-directed teams from the management team without compromising on autonomy

  • Design and implementation of key model enablers to facilitate the adoption and operation of the organizational model

  • Design and implementation of key business enablers to drive the delivery of self-directed teams
Benefits to the Organization
In just 10 months, the following goals were achieved:
  • the adoption of the new organizational model, main enablers and the basic principles of Agile...

  • …with a high level of motivation of all teams involved with regard to the new model and methodologies

  • ...the first differential results with customers were achieved in a collaborative way, while tearing down silos between roles