Design of a mobile application for the autonomous segment of a Spanish bank

Financial institutions are evolving their customer relationship model in order to offer solutions and services tailored to the needs of their clients more efficiently by means of digital channels.

In this context, a leading Bank in the Business segment sought to redesign its value proposition for the small retailers and self-employed segments, to improve its positioning in its sector and set the standard for customer experience.
Our collaboration focused on developing a mobile application for the commerce and freelance segments that offered its users an intuitive online management tool ushered by a simplified and specific offer, and an omnichannel service model.

The project was developed using the following methodology:
  • Empathetic analysis and research of the main needs (financial / non-financial) of customers, behavioral drivers and day-to-day concerns.

  • Analysis of the solutions available in the market as well as digital best practices.

  • Design of the optimal relationship model by segment and preparation of the roadmap for the construction of the specific value proposition for each of them.

  • Analysis of technical feasibility and viability within the Bank's ecosystem and platforms.

  • Preparation of the business plan.
Benefits to the Organization
Implemented in 2019, the mobile application currently has 60,000 users, 40,000 of which were acquired during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to the digital capabilities provided by the solution (between March and April alone, app downloads increased by 30% compared to previous months).

Additionally, other project achievements include: gaining new customers; improving loyalty rates; increasing product sales; growing self-service; decreasing traffic to offices; and streamlining operational procedures.