New business unit set up & post-merger integration of telecommunication infrastructure’s assets in France and in Switzerland
"The international expansion of the client in different European geographies was a challenge that forced us to design a successful model that would allow us to industrialize an integration methodology adapted to the culture and legislation of each country"
The business model of purchasing and renting telecommunications towers from infrastructure operators to telecommunications operators was developed in the US and later extended to Europe. The model stems from the need of teleoperators to generate cash flow in order to invest in new technologies (e.g. 5G). In order to this, they give up assets such as communication towers.

In this context, a Spanish wireless telecommunications infrastructure operator aspired to lead the sector in Europe. To this end, it followed an ambitious inorganic geographical expansion plan based on the acquisition of assets from telecommunications operators in different countries.
Our collaboration began once the acquisition operation had been completed. It is then that the need to establish a local company to integrate and operate the yielded infrastructures arose, maintaining quality standards, efficiency and profitability in their respective consolidated markets, while adapting to local needs and sector challenges.

The work focused on accelerating the creation of capacities of the new local company, ensuring the integration of assets in a timely manner in order to strengthen the relationship with the strategic partner and facilitate coordination between corporate and local areas. Likewise, we defined a specific methodology that could be replicated in future integration operations in new geographies in order to industrialize the process.
Benefits to the Organization
The project was successful in meeting the deadlines agreed upon in the transfer contracts, without any serious incidences in the first months of asset management, avoiding penalties for breach of contract and accelerating the management and profitability of the acquired towers.