Design of the strategic plan for a world reference business school in the education sector
"Finding ways to add value in a strategic definition project with a benchmark client in strategy was a real challenge"
The university education sector is plunged in a profound process of change caused by four external trends: digitalization, changes in the labor market, globalization and the evolution of student preferences. This need for transformation poses new challenges and opportunities for traditional players.

In this context, the Board of Trustees of an avant-garde business school, known for the high professional and human quality of its students, entrusted the new management team with defining the strategy to follow in the coming years with the aim of remaining a successful benchmark institution. At Signature, we supported the faculty and board of trustees in the design of their strategic plan.
Our collaboration focused on designing and orchestrating a collaborative methodology with all the actors involved in the definition of the strategy and its subsequent execution. We supported the General Management in the conceptualization of the strategy, evaluating and facing challenges based on external and internal analyses.

One of the main challenges posed by the project was to reach a consensus on the direction to follow in the coming years, in addition to ensuring a rapid implementation of the transformation. For the sake of this purpose, it was key to generate dynamics through which to involve and keep all the key stakeholders of the project informed.
Benefits to the Organization
The strategy designed was unanimously approved by the Board of Trustees, and achieved the buy-in and appropriation of the project by the faculty, generating enthusiasm and commitment in its implementation:
  • Strategic objectives were set for the next 4 years in the different business lines and key areas.

  • A modality of hybrid training (face-to-face and online) was enforced, which improved the institution's positioning in a pandemic context, in which in-person teaching has decreased.

  • A transformation agenda was set up and project entry/exit review dynamics were created.

  • The results of the plan set for the period were largely achieved.