Design and implementation of an Agile organizational model in all areas of a bank in Spain and Mexico
"The project posed a great challenge for the client: it was the first financial institution to implement an Agile Model in all its central services, impacting not only the way they executed projects, but also their operations (business as usual)"
Banks are facing an increasingly competitive environment in which they are required to be quickly able to adapt their strategies to changing customer needs, while improving the efficiency of their organizational structures and team productivity. This represents a great transformation challenge that involves reconfiguring large structures in central services, eliminating hierarchies and making collaboration models more flexible.
In this context, one of the main international Spanish banks was considering a scaled transformation of its Central Services areas towards an Agile organization.
Our collaboration took place in two phases:
  • In the first phase, we supported the client in the definition of an Agile Model customized to its needs, contemplating new parameters and methodologies, not only with regard to project implementation, but operations (business as usual).

  • In a second phase, and based on an understanding of all the processes and profiles of each central service area, we reorganized the teams around three blocks of activity: strategy, projects and operations. For each of them, basic functions and processes were delineated, adapted to the performance of their respective areas.

One of the main challenges we encountered was the reassignment of people to new jobs within each area. The new model offered opportunities for internal changes based on new required capabilities, and also generated tension on the front line by having to cede part of its old team to new roles. To solve this, we created a "Draft" process through which, starting from the old structure, the first line decided, as a team, who the best candidate was for each new role.
Benefits to the Organization
The project was a success: in less than two years, the transformation of all central service areas in Spain and Mexico was achieved, mobilizing more than 10,000 people.