How did Signature get started…?

The decision

The partners made the decision to found Signature in spring of 2017, in a 30-minute walk along Avinguda Diagonal in Barcelona. Shortly before arriving at our current offices the decision was made. “An office in this building would be perfect, if we can afford it.”

. Let's stop daydreaming ... we have to start little by little”. We got the office and decorated it with great enthusiasm. So much so that in 2019 the decoration project was published in the reference magazine for professional interior design in Spain Project Contract.


The core team

Two days after making the decision, we shared it with the people we wanted in our team. 95% of people joined the project. The few who did not, showed good sense and had good reasons.

Turbo Set Up

In two months we set up the company and did what was necessary to start business. In a weekend of continuous brainstorming we baptized the company. We chose the name because its meaning fit perfectly with our vision

  • In the world of music, Signature Series musical instruments are instruments built to the specifications of the artists that bear their name. Signature means a suitable project for each costumer.
  • According to the dictionary Signature is “Your name written by yourself, always in the same way, usually to show that something has been written or agreed by you”; Signature means maximum commitment.
Its meaning fit perfectly with our vision.

First projects

In August 2017, we launched our first project as Signature. In September the second. The projects were a success. We will never forget the support of the clients who believed in us from the beginning. We owe you everything.


Gaining altitude

When founding the company, we set two key qualitative milestones,
“When these two things happen, we will be on the right track”


That a potential client we do not know call us, referenced by another, to ask us for a proposal.


That a person interested in working in Signature proactively send us their CV.

When these two things happen
we will be on the right track.

Both things happened in 2018. The client that hired the project, is still a client and now is also a friend. The job applicant started working at Signature, continues with us and has been promoted twice.

The numbers confirmed the intuitions. 2018 was a great year, in which we grew a lot. In 2019 we set out to consolidate what we had already achieved, and develop the corporate capabilities necessary to maintain growth

Always looking ahead: Our vision for the future is to professionally develop the team and to grow the firm, without losing our soul of strategic boutique and the humanity that signs everything we do.

… to be continued …

Always looking ahead

One team,
many talents

Signature Claudi Pellicer
We combine ”knowledge” (technical and sectoral knowledge), ”know how” (creativity, commitment, dedication and teamwork) and ”know how to be” (ability to adapt to each organization) to make projects tailored to each client to help them achieve their goals
Claudi Pellicer


Signature Manel Boullosa
We have a young team, extremely talented and full of enthusiasm. The best is yet to come!
Manel Boullosa
years old average age.
(Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Chilean, Venezuelan).
The core team has been working together for 10+ years

Business, Engineering,
Law, Journalism, etc...

Through our employees’ eyes

Signature Charles Albanel Consultor
We have the best team that’s why I am not worried about who I am teamed with.
Charles Albanel
Consultor Senior
Signature Fátima García Manager
I love having the possibility to take part in the creation of a new consultancy’s concept, working together with our clients in unique projects.
Fátima García
Signature Carlotta Rini Consultora
The most exciting thing about my job is feeling actively involved in a journey shared with people that have my same values and vision.
Carlotta Rini
Signature Santiago Planella Consultor
From day one I have been trusted and I had the chance to quickly assume a high level of responsibility rarely seen in other firms.
Santiago Planella